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Welcome to our company

Han Young has successfully provided its customers with high quality services covering all aspect of logistics and transportation such as air/sea transportation, inland transportation, customs clearance, warehousing, and tank container lease, operation and cleaning.

With its skilled specialists and the excellent overseas network, Hang Young has successfully transported various freights of its customers in the safest, fastest, and most economical way. Due to many years of successful performances of Han Young. it became one of the most reliable companies with highly specialized know-how in the world.

We always research and analyze new logistical methods, routes, and processes to meet its customers' needs. As the result of these researches, Han Young developed exclusive know-how in the operations of specialized containers such as Tank Container, Flexitank Container, Heated Container, Refrigerated Container, the operations which have become more and more important all over the world in recent decades.

Today, Han young is a highly specialized logistical partner of trade and manufacturing companies in the world. With its profound knowledge and extensive network all over the world, Han Young will make a great contribution to its customers in stepping ahead in their competition. Based on the professionalism that puts customers first, we promises to provide distinguished services and make constant researches to improve our services.

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