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Tank Container

Han Young has made constant researches on its logistics services and it has developed exclusive know-how in the operations of specialized containers such as tank container, flexitank container, heated container, refrigerated container, etc.

Especially, Han Young has focused on the tank container business which has grown dramatically all over the world in recent decades. With lots of successful performances for many years, we became the market leader in this field in Korea.

Han Young owns and operates a modern fleet of tank containers with the latest technologies, and leases qualified tank containers from leading global leasing companies. Its expertise in the tank field, as well as its fleet, guarantee consistent transportation quality.

We provides total solution including cleaning, repairing, keeping, and transporting of tank container with the support of the affiliated company, Segong Industry Co., Ltd., which provides the finest services of cleaning and repairing tank container in Korea.

We have successfully fulfilled logistic needs of the many trade and manufacturing companies dealing with petrochemicals, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, compressed gases, cryogenics, foodstuffs, etc.

With our skilled specialists, up-to–date fleet, exclusive know-how on transportation, and extensive overseas network, we will provide dedicated services such as door-to-door shipments and just-in time deliveries to meet any needs of our customers.

Air Transportaion

Following the current trend that the drastic changes take place in the logistics, Han Young has developed dedicated air freight services and secured its position as a leading company in the international air freight market.

We always tried to provide perfect services in all aspects such as Booking, Pick-up & Delivery, Customs Clearance, Trade Document Preparation, and Packing & Warehousing.

We also have special know-how in handling such cargoes as Dangerous Goods, Live Animal, Heavy and Out-sized Cargo, Perishables, Human Remains, Valuable Cargo, Diplomatic Pouch, Automobile, etc.

As a company with great potential, Han Young will stand in the forefront of logistics services based on its extensive experience and knowledge.

Consolidation Service

Export/Import License Execution Service

Project Cargo Handling Service

Triangle and Transit Cargo Handling Service

Freight Tracking Service

Sea Transportaion

Since its foundation, Han Young has made prominent performances in sea transportation. Not only local customers but also overseas customers have given special credit to us for many years.

With accumulated knowledge and experience from many years of successful operation, its extensive global network system that connect all over the world, and market influential power which enable us to make strategic contracts with many leading carriers, we will transport your valuable freights in the safest, fastest, and most economical way.

Han Young has dedicated its energy to meet customers’ needs providing premier services as follows.

Specialized Container Transportation Service

Dry Container Transportation Service

Consolidation Service

Bulk Cargo Transportation Service

Triangle Shipment/ Transit Service

Door to Door Delivery Service

Project Cargo

Han Young has special knowledge in total transportation of machines and installation materials used for the domestic and international plant work. Through our first-hand experiences and broad knowledge of total transportation, we help our customers to gain a competitive edge by developing the optimum transportation mode and route and cutting on logistics cost. We also provide perfect and timely services by dispatching project experts who can supervise the operation.

Exhibition Cargo Handling Service

Han Young covers all procedures of exhibition cargo handling such as packaging, round-trip transportation, and ATA Carnet execution. We will make every effort to help customers to stage successful overseas exhibition.


Han Young has always tried to make perfection in the inland transportation such as bonded transportation and container transportation and the delivery for all the imported and exported freights that occurs domestically.

We specially have exceptional know-how on the inland transportation of specialized containers such as tank container, flexitank container, refrigerated container, etc.

We provide one-stop service to deliver the freight to the destination safely, accurately and promptly in link with our international logistics services.


To be a true logistics partner of our customers, we deals with customs clearance of exporting and importing freight swiftly and accurately. We make best efforts to provide one-stop service by connecting our networks (i.e. International transportation, bonded transportation, storage, delivery, etc) and provide the service collectively once and for all in order to speed up the logistics service for our customers.


At present, customers demand various logistics services. Taking this into consideration, Han Young dedicated itself to providing customized warehousing service that meets customers’ needs. We also help BWT (Boned Warehouse Transactions) by providing qualified bonded warehousing for our customers.

Using our all resources and network, we will provide most suitable warehousing services at any place in the world, and we will also provide perfect tracking service that tracks down the products carried into and taken out of the warehouse and the inventory information in real time.

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